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Courses are focused on leaving anxiety, fears, stress and hurries behind, and enabling a way to the inner peace anywhere and under any circumstances.


Sunday 10.7 18:30-20:30 Topic: Self Discovery through movement

This evening will be to discover your unique values which help you get from point A – where you are currently, to point B – where you would like to be. Through movement, mediation and discussions, we will help opening the conscious and subconscious fears and blocks you may have. Once this path has been opened for you, the door for freedom and fulfillment in all aspects of your life will be open and you will feel free.

This gorgeous Yoga location is once again in our favorite area – Seefeld. As we have costs we need to cover, we will be charging a fee of 40.- Per evening.If you sign for 2 evenings, you will pay a total of 70.- (instead of 80.00)

* I kindly ask you to respect the commitment of registering as we need to pay in advance for the location owner. *** your spot will be reserved only after payment!

Please bring a small towel. We provide also drinks and snacks. Lets have some more FUN! Discover new things about ourselves and move towards a more fulfilled life.

Where:Ballett & Balance. Riesbachstrasse 61. 8001 Zurich. Area Seefeld


Second evening Workshop at the same location.

Thu 14 Jul 19:00 – 21:00.  Topic: Fulfillment through Balance

Do you feel like you are stuck and you don`t seem to find a “realistic” way to make the necessary change?.It is all about Perspective! How can I change my Perspective to achieve all that I wish for myself – we will be looking at the desired parts of your life you would like to see improvement in. Opportunities will come to you as you are now showing to the world that you are ready for it all!

Will also be teaching visualization and Guidance through Mediation.


Holmes Place 1 Holmes Place 2

Weekend 5 and 6 March 2016 in Holmes Place, where Healing BEMS is present like a new services in the Health Club.


Upcoming Course: 


When: July the Eleventh
Samstag, 11. Juli, ab 11 Uhr Brunch, 12 Uhr Workshop
Bewegung ist Leben. Movimiento es vida. Activity is Life. Natürliche Lösungen für Stress und emotionele Probleme mit gemischten Techniken wie Yoga, Mindfullness, Meditation und Tanz. Mit Amparo Cisneros, YogaSalud.