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Through my experience working with such companies as Santander and Citi, I have become aware of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of senior executives and directors.

I am offering you some tools which will activate that valuable intuition required in the business area, i.e. mindfulness meditation, yoga, special relaxations to apply in stressful situations and exercises for anxiety and depression.

This will reduce sick leaves caused by “burn out” leading to an increase in company economic benefits and productivity.




“Amparo´s work exceeded our expectations. Executive and directors show a clear improvement with an impact on the rest of employees and production” (Excellence Club).

“We were skeptical at the beginning, but we tried and were surprised about the positive results. We have recommended this service to other companies collaborating with us” (Emira Consulting).

“Productivity has increased and leaves have decreased in a few months” (Club del Emprendimiento).