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Healing Bems

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Healing BEMS is a new technique accredited by scientist, include principles of Quantum Physics and Metaphysics.”If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla

Body experiences reality between body, emotions, mind and spirit.

When you get in conflict with one of them, your body feels pain and sick. When body, emotions, mind and spirit are in balance, your life is balanced, healthy and in peace. You will feel a state of pleasure inside you. This is a mystery that everyone wants to discover in life. You have the opportunity to change fear and wrong doings.

A session lasts from 60 to 90 minutes. It would vary from person to person, depending on your problems and the information to them. My hands will not touch your body and you will have your clothes, you will be in a relaxed position simply enjoying.

The hands will balance your energy and power geometry will works in your energetical points. Special frequency  and vibration help to have the harmony in all your bodies, with Tibetan bells and bowls.

When Coaching session  is initiated, the transmission of information starts showing what is the issues to resolve and give you advice how to deal with them in order to have a better life. You come out as a new person with a more clear idea about yourself with open conscious. The most important, you will find solutions.

More than 500 clients from the worldwide had used this treatment with big changes in life.  Today they feel as another person with more happiness, conscious and intuition for business and personal decisions.

Price 150 CH session.

Special prices for Packets, 6, 12 or 24 sessions.

Tibetan Bells and Bowls


Tibetan bowls, also called healing bowls, originally come from Tibet, Nepal and Butan. They date back to 2000 BC and were used in Astrology, therapies and secret rituals.

From the 50s on, when China occupied Tibet, Tibetan monks´ exodus started spreading this practice all over the world.


An intense and prolonged vibration of the bowl is not only heard but also felt. This perception accentuates when approaching the bowl to the body which stimulates the bowls to recreate its own harmonic frequency.

A particular sensitive area is the solar plexus, located at the stomach, which becomes altered at times of stress. Vibration of the bowl allows for decongestion and relaxation. In general, vibration effects on the body tend to eliminate stress and releases energy into organs and meridians. Vibration also cleans the environment from negative energies and emotional block creating a moment of peace.